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Lumiere Token is a Blockchain Powered Film Finance & Production Fund

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Soft Cap: $15,000,000 • Hard Cap: $93,712,5000

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Mission Statement

Lumiere Token has launched an exciting film production and financing fund on the blockchain that seeks to change the way films are financed and rewards are distributed to film backers. Our centre of attention is to dramatically disrupt the world film industry by offering innovative technological solutions to tackle existing problems of capital raising for worthwhile, commercial films and related media at the same time offering a real way to generate long term value for those who support this new paradigm.

Lumiere Token Solves the Biggest Obstacles in the Film Industry.

Lumiere Token aims to solve one of the biggest obstacles in the film industry- raising capital. It is often difficult for producers to connect with high worth investors even if they have a highly commercial film they wish to produce. The smaller investors often lose their capital because of the creative ways accountants and distributors work the legal system offering no protection to those investors.

Home - LumiereThe Lumiere FLM Token

Lumiere Token is the first film finance and production fund on the blockchain to offer a simple to understand rewards system as compared to other film finance funds, and token holders may receive rewards in the form of future project loyalty airdrops and tokenized royalties from all film productions in the Lumiere Token film production slate. The Lumiere FLM Token is a blockchain powered system that generates real undiluted revenue streams back into the system and token holders via an automated trustless platform.

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Home - LumiereFilm Investment Portal

Lumiere Token is creating a tokenized fund to facilitate highly innovative digital film projects. Lumiere Token will be a leading pathway providing a unique opportunity for innovative and transparent financing into major films utilising the power of blockchain technology. Lumiere Token enables individuals to enter the crypto space and share in revenues generated by international box office sales from the core high end digital projects and all related products.

Home - LumiereInternational Movies

Funds raised in the security token offering (STO) will be used to fund a slate of international movies from reputable film makers around the world. Created to be a film industry disrupter, it has the aim to democratize the process of funding films. Lumiere Token plans on revolutionizing the method of raising capital for film production by developing a peer to peer process of sourcing finance, supporting small to large productions which would have little chance of getting produced in the current financial environment.

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Home - LumiereProduction Partnerships

Lumiere Token is much more than just a fund for film projects working with the production partners to nurture and strengthen a number of associate networks. Lumiere Token is currently working with a stable of independent producers to help accomplish their film ideas. Lumiere Token will also accept other project creators and stimulate the untapped resources of ideas around the world. An idea begins as a spark which may often rapidly evolve into a great story. From the story comes a script and storyboard and eventually other creative talent start to attach and the idea begins to take form as a full blown production with hundreds of moving parts.

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Home - Lumiere

Token Liquidity

It usually takes 1 to 3 months for new tokens to be approved for listing on exchanges and to establish liquidity. FLM Token holders will have a buyback option, via the Lumiere Token Liquidity Program during the initial period following completion of the Token Offering until FLM Tokens are listed on one or more of the higher profile exchanges. The Liquidity Program will have an allocation of FLM Tokens and allocation to Token Offering proceeds to allow Lumiere Token to buy or sell FLM Tokens in small amounts to establish an initial market for the tokens. The objective of this Liquidity Program will be to facilitate early trades and will have openly transparent pricing and will be limited in volume.

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Smart Contracts

As a tokenised fund based on blockchain technology, Lumiere Token offers individuals the opportunity to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the complexities of managing their own trades and associated technology. FLM Tokens are an ERC20-compliant token which is embedded in the ETH blockchain as a smart contract. Other financial functions of FLM Tokens will also be supported by contracts on the blockchain including management of the Token Offering, and transparency measures, and managing contributor communications.

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FLM Benefits

It is envisaged that token holders may receive shares and rewards in the form of future project loyalty airdrops or other community benefits. The FLM holders can trade them in either the open crypto market or exchanges or they can cash them in for the equivalent value of Ethereum or Bitcoin at any future date. FLM Token holders will have the ability to trade their tokens with peers based on market rates either via direct negotiation or through exchanges. This will allow token holders to cash-out as the underlying asset value of contributions increases over time.

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FLM Exchange

After completion of the Token Offering, the funds received in cryptocurrencies will be withdrawn from the contract and exchanged to fiat currencies as required. Additionally, the exchange to fiat will be completed on a range of different exchanges to further mitigate potential market impacts. We will work with exchanges to ensure that the FLM Tokens are able to be exchanged, but can make no guarantee that FLM Tokens will be able to be converted to fiat currency at any point in time.  Token holders may receive rewards in the form of future project loyalty airdrops or other community benefits.

The Film Industry is a Large Global Market with Significant Opportunities for Disruption

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         Raising         Capital

Lumiere Token provides a platform to raise capital via investment into large scale film productions with clear terms and production milestones.

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      Film         Financing

Lumiere Token is an independent avenue for financing films that has traditionally been undertaken through backroom dealings.

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Transparent Investment

Lumiere Token offers transparent returns for contributors keyed into film performance via our blockchain platform.

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Dashboard Reporting

Lumiere Token will develop its own reporting and dashboard platform so FLM Token holders can follow the progress of the project.

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2019 3Q



  • Offer Document completed.
  • Seed capital raised.
  • Key personnel for the STO management team and Block Chain development sourced and hired.



  • The Lumiere STO team contracted for pre-design of the Ethereum ERC20 FLM token.
  • Pre-preproduction work is complete.
  • “First film project” initial scripts, storyboards, production schedules, crews, equipment.

2019 4Q



  • Lumiere FLM token sale.
  • Sinking fund for the first Omnimedia projects started.

2019- 2020



  • Pre-preproduction started.
  • Commencement of principle cinematography and post-production.
  • FLM token listed on Crypto exchanges as a tradable entity.



  • The Omnimedia project released through distribution outlets.



  • FLM token value increases.

2021 Onwards



  • Token Finance Model Success.



  • Second and third capital Raise with Higher Hard Cap $100 million USD.

Home - LumiereSome of the Lumiere Token Slate of Planned Productions

Home - Lumiere


What is the Lumiere Token private round?

Firstly we are asking contributors to place US$1.4m  in the first round which pays for the actual nuts and bolts of the STO including coding engineers who make the token and smart contracts and all the overheads to get to the STO launch stage. In appreciation of their contribution, the seed investor will receive FLM tokens at the equivalent amount at 60% discount as compared to a full priced FLM Token.

What happens at the launch of the STO?

On launching the STO, our marketing team uses social networking and other methods of advertising to show our project to the crypto world the people who buy cryptocurrency. Once the STO is launched we will raise between US$15m (soft cap) and US$93 million USD (hard cap) which is raised by the crypto public contributing Ether at the equivalent rate of US$0.50 and in return they receive Lumiere tokens known as a FLM.

How many Lumiere FLM tokens will be minted?

There will be 350 million Lumiere FLM tokens minted.

How does the production company work?

Lumiere Token and the various production companies will partner up to co-produce the various film projects under contract. Approx 90% of the funds raised from the STO will go to produce the film slate and the rest goes in management fees.

What happens to the cryptocurrency contributed by Lumiere Token supporters?

After the STO is completed the Ether contributed by supporters which the Lumiere Token company holds in a company wallets, is traded on a crypto exchange eg. Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, Coinspot for FIAT US dollars. This is then used in the various multi-platform film projects to pay for production.

Production Partners

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ICO and Deal Advisory for Early-Stage Ventures.


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BlockToken Distribution, Marketing & Reach for Initial Token Offerings


Home - Lumiere

Omnimedia film production group.


Home - Lumiere

Underwater film production services.


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High end 3D Film Production services.


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SK Films is an award-winning producer and distributor of cutting edge 3D and 2D content for multiple platforms


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